18. April 2023

Since March 2023, Nikon is new Business Member and thus part of the ACAM community.

ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing is pleased to announce that Nikon has joined its community of leading additive manufacturing companies and research institutions. The addition of Nikon, a world-renowned provider of innovative and reliable imaging products, will bring significant value to the ACAM community.

In addition to decades of technological experience, Nikon provides a strong culture of innovation from which the community can benefit on many levels. Especially in the field of additive manufacturing, Nikon has shown great commitment in the past. The company has established its own additive manufacturing division and offers a wide range of AM-related products and services.

Nikon’s expertise “invaluable to our mission of advancing AM”

Nikon develops high-precision 3D printers suitable for a variety of applications, including prototyping, tooling and final product production. Nikon is also actively engaged in research and development in the field of additive manufacturing. With the Lasermeister 102A, Nikon has developed an optical processing machine that performs metal processing with high precision and repeatability using lasers. The machine is capable of additive manufacturing, laser marking, welding as well as polishing.

“We are excited to welcome Nikon to the ACAM community,” said Prof. Schleifenbaum, Managing Director of ACAM. “Their expertise in optical technology and commitment to innovation will be invaluable to our mission of advancing additive manufacturing.”

This cooperation is intended to accelerate both the further development of the next machine generations and the development of applications. ACAM and its community will make a significant contribution to this.

Nikon’s membership in the ACAM community will provide new opportunities for the company. Sharing its expertise and collaborate with other industry members as well as our research institutes on campus is a huge advantage.

ACAM is looking forward to future collaborations to jointly advance the research and development of additive manufacturing technologies. Together we will promote knowledge exchange, and facilitate the adoption of new technologies.

Find more information on Nikon here. An overview over our ACAM Community Network can be found here.