ACAM @ Formnext 2022: Projects and Events


Tailoring ODS materials processing routes for additive manufacturing of high temperature devices for aggressive environments (topAM)
Enabling Industries Through Tailored ODS Materials for High Temperature Devices

Motivation and Relevance

  • Development of oxide dispersoid strengthened alloy components, additively manufactured with tailored properties for extreme service conditions
  • User, service provider, and developer can exploit this solution
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Research Campus Digital Photonic Production DPP
Enabling Industries Through Application-Specific And Algorithm-Based Part Design

Motivation and Relevance

  • Insufficient design guidelines for additively manufactured filigree structures and critical component areas lead to “first-time-right” approaches with high material usage
  • Comprehensive engineering à How to minimally design structures to withstand process-related loads?
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Product and production concepts for the variant-flexible hairpin stator production (HaPiPro²)
Enabling Industries Through Intelligent Additive Design for Innovative E-machines

Motivation and Relevance

  • State of the art production systems of hairpin stators for e-machines are dedicated to one product design
  • Iterated e-machine generations lead to down times of production and further investments in tools fixtures
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Clusters 4 Future – HyInnoBurn
Enabling Industries Through Gas Burner Design Optimization for Hydrogen Combustion

Motivation and Relevance

  • Hydrogen as energy medium has great potential for a climate-neutral future
  • Demand for fuel flexibility (H2 and NG) in industrial gas burners
  • Optimization of conventional gas burners for safe operation with hydrogen
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Research project
ProCloud3D: Secure Slicing for Industrial 3D Printing in the Cloud

Motivation and Relevance

  • IP-Protection plays a crucial role for distributed manufacturing with AM as sensitive data such as 3D models have to be shared
  • For both, AM users and service providers there is no satisfying solution to securely share data between companies and to transfer it to AM machines
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Research project
Enabling Industries Through Novel Bioresorbable Medical Devices

Motivation and Relevance

  • The insertion of conventional implants is cost-intensive, burdens the patient and often leads to follow-up operations
  • Patient-specific and bioresorbable metallic implants are a more efficient alternative that can meet the high demands of medical devices
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ACAM AM-Challenge
Junge Talente fördern

Additive Manufacturing (AM) ist dabei, sich als wichtige Technologie für produzierende Unternehmen zu etablieren. Die Aus- und Weiterbildung von jungen Mitarbeitenden gilt somit insbesondere im diesem innovativen und know-how-intensiven Technologiesegment als entscheidender Erfolgsfaktor der Zukunft. Die AM-Challenge fördert deshalb junge Talente aus allen Branchen mit Interesse an AM. Hierfür umfasst der einwöchige Kurs diverse Themenfelder und legt unter den jungen Auszubildenden frühzeitig die Basis für eine erfolgreichen Entwicklung in den neusten AM-Technologien.

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Production Line for Automated Bamboo Cane Processing

Motivation and Relevance

  • Raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce
  • The target is to make bamboo cane industrially usable as a renewable, climate-neutral lightweight construction material
  • In this project, bicycle manufacturers and baby carriage manufacturers are interested in the solution for the first time
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DVS Specialist for Additive Manufacturing
Seminar and further Education


  • Fast-growing technology environment with few trained specialists
  • employment opportunities possible in small and large companies
  • Seminar includes focus on metal or plastics

When and Where?

  • Metal:



  • Polymer



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