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The ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing is your primary contact partner for professional education in Additive Manufacturing.

The ACAM is a one-stop shop driven by bringing together experts from scientific and research institutions located at the RWTH Aachen Campus and from industry. Our goal is to continuously discover new promising approaches in Additive Manufacturing and find out how to integrate them into existing production environments.

Range of seminars

ACAM In-house

The ACAM In-house is based on a modular assembly principle, which enables you to arrange the seminar content efficiently and autonomously based on specific needs of your company and on particular level of knowledge of your employees.
ACAM In-house seminar topics:
ACAM In-house basic topics written in blue cubes
1,5 h – Basic seminar recommended for newcomers in AM.
The basic modules convey the theoretical approaches and describe the fundamental AM applications of a particular topic, thus providing in-depth understanding of the field’s foundations. Consequently, those modules prepare the participants to attend advanced seminars in a next step.
ACAM In-house experience topics written in blue cubes
1,5 h – Experience seminar recommended for newcomers and professionals in AM.
The experience modules include use-cases, shop floor tours and exercises related to the selected seminar content. They provide an opportunity to explore the particular aspects of the manufacturing processes, to learn about best practices and to communicate directly with the machine operators. This will enable participants to achieve an even deeper understanding of specific topics.
ACAM In-house advanced topics written in blue cubes
3, 5 h – Advanced seminar recommended for professionals in AM.
The advanced modules address users who wish to better understand the specific topic and to extend their qualification around a particular AM topic.


Webinar series devoted to Additive Manufacturing.

One Day

Are you looking for a further education program with an one-day duration? Come to Aachen and join our one-day seminars. You will also have the opportunity to network with the participants.


The seminars series Discover3Dprinting is the easiest way to gain a comprehensive overview of the possibilities of AM. Within the framework of various tradeshows, the Discover3Dprinting seminar series aims to provide an introduction to all relevant AM technologies, software tools and materials.
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Discover3Dprinting seminar series

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3D Printing Guided Tours

Our guided tours feature insights into Europe’s most vivid AM environment – RWTH Aachen Campus. With an installed base of more than 50 industrial systems along the entire process chain we showcase all process steps from design to post-machining of AM components.
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Watch the facilities of the ACAM live.

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The ACAM Professional Education Program is supported by Stratasys

ACAM relies on the Stratasys 3D Printer Fortus 450 MC to expand its education portfolio in Fused Deposition Modelling for high-end thermoplastics.

Learn how to operate a Stratasys 3D Printing System with Stratasys Academy.
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