1. October 2018

Additive manufacturing software company, Link3D has announced its latest partnership with German-based, ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing at TCT Show today.

Link3D will work directly with ACAM to build a showroom to demonstrate in real-time its AMES & Additive Workflow Software across facilities of ACAM’s research partners.

OEMs and 3D printing service bureaus will be able to see live demonstrations of a connected additive manufacturing ecosystem. Demonstrations will show the centralising of order submission processes, streamlined quoting and cost tracking, optimised production planning and production scheduling, post processing and quality assurance management, order logistics, and improving internal operations with data analytics

A training centre will also be introduced to help train OEMs’ and 3D Printing Service Bureaus’ employees to optimise their additive operations with Link3D.

Shane Fox, CEO of Link3D commented: “It’s an honour to be collaborating with and organisation like ACAM and Fraunhofer as they have an extensive knowledge and experience around additive manufacturing. We believe this collaboration will introduce new technologies that the industry has never seen.”

“Aachen is the cradle of laser-based metal AM technologies – we won’t forget this heritage – but a large part of the AM future will be decided in the digital world,” Managing Partner of ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing GmbH, Johannes Schleifenbaum added. “We will support this with the formation of a ‘digital additive enterprise’, where customers can holistically experience the disruptive power of AM. We are very glad that Link3D will be at our side on this journey.”

Link3D’s software allows OEMs to streamline internal and external additive manufacturing production by speeding up turnaround time and maximising machine utilisation. The company believes the partnership is “bridging the gap” between technology, software, science and learning for industrial 3D printing to enable more advanced prototyping and series production.


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Laura Griffiths
TCT Magazine