25. May 2018

Cooperation to transform manufacturing curriculum and learning content at the ACAM Aachen Center of Additive Manufacturing in the field of high-end plastics for additive technologies

Stratasys (Nasdaq: SSYS), a global leader in additive technology solutions, today announced a five-year cooperative agreement with leading R&D center ACAM Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing, part of the renowned RWTH Aachen Campus. The cooperation aims to bring together the expertise and resources of both companies to further streamline the education and training program in Additive Manufacturing offered at the ACAM.

Under the agreement, Stratasys will install a Fortus 450mc Production 3D Printer and provide training and services at the ACAM in Aachen. Stratasys FDM technology will be used by the ACAM for hands-on teaching in engineering courses and professional training. This will enable students and professionals from all levels to understand the benefits of high-performance thermoplastics and encourage new ways of ‘thinking additively’ for design, manufacturing and engineering.

“For the ACAM, the cooperation with Stratasys offers the perfect foundation to expand the training we offer in Fused Deposition Modelling for high-end thermoplastics to also include practical elements,” says Dr.-Ing. Kristian Arntz, Managing Director and Partner of the ACAM GmbH. “Within the cooperation, the ACAM will refine and expand existing training courses as well as establish newly-tailored educational programs. We also look forward to developing new curriculum elements for Additive Manufacturing with Stratasys,” he concludes.
“With this cooperation we will increase awareness and provide learning content geared towards high-end plastics for future generations of engineers and manufacturers,” states Matthias Gukelberger, Vice President and Head of Services, Stratasys EMEA. “Specifically in countries like Germany, where the focus for manufacturing and production is still on metal, the cooperation provides an opportunity to convey the benefits of thermoplastics for production, and introduce students to the technology early on.

“The ACAM has a stellar reputation for combining expertise from world-class institutes and research centers within the RWTH Aachen Campus. The institution shares our vision to increase the awareness, adoption and education of Additive Manufacturing and is thus a natural partner.”


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