3. July 2024

The international competence centre for Industry 4.0, with a focus on networked technologies and innovations from Switzerland, is strengthening its position in additive manufacturing through its established collaboration with ACAM.

uptownBasel covers an area of 70,000 square metres of research and production locations, attracting selected companies that drive innovative technologies. The site in Basel promotes cross-industry knowledge transfer and offers a platform for companies to work together on future technologies such as robotics, the Internet of Things, AI, mobility of the future and agile working. With the Innovation Centre for Medical Additive Manufacturing, AM technologies are also already represented on the campus.

Our cooperation grants the ACAM community access to top-tier research from Basel, offering fresh perspectives for collaborative research projects and facilitating a global exchange of expertise and best practices in additive manufacturing. Through this partnership, we aim to establish new benchmarks in AM and play a proactive role in shaping its future. The exchange of knowledge, resources, and innovative ideas will greatly advance the development of AM technologies.

As an ACAM member, uptownBasel is a valuable part of our pioneering AM innovation alliance, benefiting from our diverse community with broad expertise from first-class research at our RWTH Aachen Campus as well as our international industry partners from a wide range of AM fields. The collaboration not only enables uptownBasel to participate in cutting-edge research projects and developments, but also gives the opportunity to benefit from the extensive experience and resources of our community.

Fostering cross-industry and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer

“uptownBasel aims to be a key player in Industry 4.0, offering development and production sites for select technology companies from the tri-border region. Particularly notable is the creation of a dedicated data center and Switzerland’s first commercial access to a quantum computer. The first building was occupied in 2021, with a planned innovation center for Medical Additive Manufacturing and 3-D printing set to open in 2024. Our partnership with ACAM enhances our networking platform, fostering cross-industry and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer,” says Hans-Jörg Fankhauser, Architect amd Developer of uptownBasel.

“The collaboration with uptownBasel brings together two innovation powerhouses to jointly transform the boundaries of additive manufacturing. By merging our pioneering role in AM and uptownBasel’s expertise in Industry 4.0, we are creating a creative ecosystem that brings together a wide range of expertise and generates synergies that will shape the future,” says Stephan Ziegler, Managing Director of ACAM.

We are looking forward to working together and are eager to see the outcomes of our joint initiatives with uptownBasel.