Join the ACAM Community!

Joining ACAM is the best way to stay connected with the most recent developments in additive manufacturing. As a joint initiative, ACAM fosters the exchange of knowhow of peers of research and industry in order to provide customized concepts, which enables the integration of additive manufacturing into the production environment.

We provide three types of memberships to choose from, with different levels of benefits:


  • The cooperation membership is designed to promote a collaborative technology and service exchange.
  • It is of special interest if you are a solution provider in the area of Additive Manufacturing.
  • The duration and the costs are arranged individually.
Annual voucher budget: none


  • As a basic member you have access to the ACAM community.
  • You will receive the annual report and you will be invited to all community events.
  • In addition, you have a budget to allocate vouchers and thus participate in Consortial R & D Projects.
Annual voucher budget: 6,000 €


  • As a business member you have access to the ACAM community.
  • You will receive the annual report and you will be invited to all community events.
  • In addition, you have a budget to allocate vouchers and thus participate in Consortial R & D Projects.
  • You will be involved in decision-making processes such as defining our ACAM roadmap.
  • You will benefit from our continuous AM monitoring and review as well as getting discounts for seminars and other events.
Annual voucher budget: 18,000 €

ACAM Network

Business Members

” We want to join ACAM to obtain AM related Know-How fast and efficiently, establish a network for a comprehensive overview of AM and to reduce costs using synergy effects.”

“We join ACAM for a cooperation between key industrial and academic partners to make Additive Manufacturing fly.”

“We want to be active on material side-acting as a service supplier closing process chain from material to final coated/produced part.”

“For us ACAM represent a strong network to identify shared challenges in Additive Manufacturing and solve with collaborative action (multilateral / bilateral).”

“We hope to get long-term benefits and learn from the systematic approaches and transfer those into our Business.”

“We want to know more about improved AM knowledge base with emphasis on potential applications, cost analysis, process limitations and industrial trends.”

“We want to develop skills to support our customers to apply AM technologies and we want to participate in an network for additive manufacturing in Germany.”

Basic Members

“We are happy about networking and exchange in the ACAM community, Acquisition and realization of R&D projects and benefit from Seminars.”

“We hope to receive latest information, early registration of new trends and developments, benefit from expert knowhow in the ACAM community and share own knowhow, be one ‘nose length’ ahead.”

“GKN expects a fruitfull networking environment within the AM market accompanied by top line development project results in line with our AM strategy.”

“We expect to increase the development impetus in the field of additive manufacturing through precompetitive cooperation with ACAM members.”

“We expect to learn for which products or production technology 3D printing make sense and what are possible specific features that can be offered by using 3D printing.”

“We hope to get information on technology trends and promising application fields of AM.”

“We expect an overview about the AM Activities, in-depth knowledge, pushing the limits, exploring the potentials and recognizing insurmountable constraints as well as practical support.”

“Okuma turns to ACAM for qualification of employees, business development with global companies, project cooperation.”

“Toolcraft expects a nice community of AM-experts in the customer-, supplier- and R&D-base.”

“ACAM is a powerful society to develop additive manufacturing processes. We like to cooperate with other partners and help to roll out additive manufacturing.”

“Metalsa expects knowledge sharing about the 3D AM process and an access to the industry members and research partners, as well as the participation on the consortial projects.”

“”3D Additive Manufacturing Open Lab” provides solution from material to post processing.”

Cooperation Members

“We want to exchange ideas within the AM expert network and support partners with our knowhow – professional presentations in less time.”

“Participation in the ACAM expert network is a strategic decision for promoting our knowhow.”


“We intend to build a strong partnership with ACAM to update the benchmarking of additive manufacturing worldwide.”

“We expect the participation in an AM network, providing new ideas, partnerships and research opportunities.”

“We intend to be part of the community in order to learn about the industrial needs and future developments.”

“We want to help to increase awareness and drive the adoption of AM by jointly developing a curriculum and learning content in the field of additive technologies for engineering and high-performance thermoplastics.”