October 18, 2018

Application Scenarios for Plastics-based Additive Production Processes

Until today, additive manufacturing has been mainly used in prototype manufacturing. Due to improved process stability, higher build rates, larger building space, and new materials with enhanced material characteristics, the technology is increasingly used in machine and tool making as well as in series production. Thus, additive manufacturing systems are ready for industrial use alongside conventional manufacturing processes. The technology has strong potential to reduce costs and manufacturing time, especially for small-batch production.

The seminar presents various process technologies and discusses the possibility of enhancing them through plastics-based additive production processes.

A seminar for:

Professional and managerial staff of technology oriented companies
working in the areas of R & D, production and technical


Johannes Triebs, PEM
Sebastian Kawollek, PEM


To inquire after this seminar to be held in English please contact us.

09.00 Welcome and Short Introduction to the ACAM

09.30 Introduction to plastic-based AM processes

10.30 Coffee break

10.45 Design guidelines for AM procedures. Examples of SLS and FDM

12.00 Lunch break

13.00 Laboratory management

14.00 Additive Tooling: From thermoforming to injection molding (1/2)

14.45 Coffee break

15.00 Additive Tooling: From Thermoforming to Injection Molding (2/2)

15.45 Applications and future issues AM

16.45 Summary and discussion

17.00 End of the event

Steinbachstraße 19
52074 Aachen