November 22, 2018

Basics in LMD Technology

Fraunhofer ILT

Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) permits the deposition of both thin layer coatings as well as 3-dimensional geometries. Typical applications are corrosion protection, repair and additive manufacturing.

The process is characterized by low energy input and thereby reduced thermal influence e.g. on repaired components. A wide range of processable materials and possibilities such as the manufacture of graded materials offer unique benefits for many applications.

LMD is currently being used successfully in the repair and manufacturing of turbomachinery components, tools and dies as well as medical components.

Objective of this one-day seminar is to provide participants with an overview of the technology as well as possible applications. The topics of processable materials and process parameters, automation by use of CAM tools, state of the art of system technology as well as some examples of applications will be covered.
The seminar will be presented by experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (Fraunhofer ILT).

A seminar for…

Professionals and managers of technology oriented companies, particularly in the field of research and development, plant management, technology management and corporate development.

No advanced knowledge of Additive Manufacturing technologies is necessary for this seminar.


Jan Bremer, Fraunhofer ILT


To inquire after this seminar to be held in English please contact us.

09.00     Welcome and Short Introduction of the ACAM

09.30     Technological Overview – LMD at Fraunhofer ILT

10.00     Break

10.30     LMD Basics, Block I:
Laser Sources, Materials, process parameters, system technology and handling systems

12.30     Lunch Break

13.30     LMD Basics, Block II:

Strategies, CAM-Software, examples of applications

15.00     Guided Tour of the AM Laboratories at Fraunhofer ILT and Live Demonstration of LMD

16.30     Q&A / Feedback

17.00     End of Event

Fraunhofer IPT
Steinbachstraße 17
52074 Aachen
Hörsaal Klein