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ACAM offers consulting services for a broad variety of different applications. From knowledge transfer for the part design process over product portfolio screenings to detailed process chain layouts, ACAM provides holistic access to Additive Manufacturing also in the context of different application areas, such as automotive, aeronautics, medical, etc.

Your benefit as project partner of the ACAM is to have access to all these entities, their knowledge as well as machine equipment via one single contact. ACAM organizes and prepares requirements and technological questions and maps them to the respective technologies, experts and equipment.

Dimensions of Additive Manufacturing at the ACAM – A holistic approach




Adding value through AM starts in the early phases of product design. Lattice structures, functional integration, internal structures, and topology optimization are just a few manifestations of Design for Additive Manufacturing. To exploit the full potential of those approaches, engineers are required to substantially challenge the way they ideate and design components. As part of our AM sandbox we provide access to all relevant software suites and guide our partners through the AM data chain. Furthermore, the ACAM offers support in (re-) designing metal and polymer parts for a large share of relevant AM processes.


  • CAD tools and design algorithms (machine learning, artificial intelligence, feature-based construction)
  • Lightweight, bionic and authentic design
  • CAD data analysis for AM


Business Innovation

A successful implementation does not solely rely on technological aspects. Industrial end users require robust methods to calculate AM product cost, optimize overall equipment effectiveness of their machinery and leverage know-how of their potential suppliers. This is where ACAM’s unique portfolio of consulting services helps building a foundation for decision-making on all company levels from strategy to operations.


  •  Technology scouting
  • Business model development
  • Manufacturer-independent consulting
  • Patent research


AM Technologies and Materials

AM processes are diverse and imply numerous unforeseen challenges when implementing them in a production environment. As all major metal and polymer AM processes are available within the R&D partner network, we are proud to offer independent insights and benchmarks to maximize AM productivity for our industry partners.


  • CAM module development for different AM technologies
  • Exposure strategy optimization
  • Build-up of graded material structures
  • Local workpiece modification by LMD
  • Tool and die repair
  • Machine development for different AM technologies
  • Hybrid processes and hybrid process chains
  • System engineering (optics, nozzles, wire feed, etc.)
  • Knowledge and parameter databases (thermodynamics, materials, etc.)


Process Chains

The connection of all elements along the entire horizontal and vertical AM process chain is where ACAM’s extensive partner network unfolds its full potential. Within this framework we identify customer- and part-specific process routes, ensuring maximum leverage of AM technology.


  • Process chain layout with AM pre- and post-processing
  • Different part treatment technologies (e.g. heat treatment, HIPping, etc.)
  • Metrology integration and application (tactile and optical DT and NDT)
  • Prototype parts and tools in polymers and metals
  • Process, material and structure simulation, implicit / explicit FEM, etc.
Tobias Stittgen
Senior Advisor (Sales & Technology)

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