Consortial Projects

Powered by the know-how and resources of 12 R&D partners, ACAM provides unbiased, independent consortial R&D projects to the industry member community. All elements of the horizontal and vertical AM process chain are covered within five tracks: materials, quality, productivity, digital and business opportunities.
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Industry-driven R&D projects

The ACAM industry members jointly define R&D projects on an annual basis. Furthermore, relevant topics are collected during brainstorming sessions at the annual meetings. By leveraging the unique resources of the RWTH Aachen Campus, the defined projects are then conducted by our R&D partners. Comprehensive project findings are made available for the respective consortial partners, while all industry members receive an executive summary.

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Voucher System

Each ACAM industry member receives a certain amount of vouchers worth 2,000 € as part of their membership. Those vouchers are then assigned to desired R&D projects. During the annual meeting, our industry members have the opportunity to evaluate and discuss the project ideas with the designated R&D partner’s project leaders.

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Annual Reports and Meetings

As a member, you take part in the project process from the kick-off meeting until the presentation of results. On this path, there are multiple occasions to have insights on the progress and possibilities to share your thoughts with the project leaders. In the end, you’ll receive the results of your projects, as well as our annual comprehensive report on all ACAM activities.

ACAM Consortial Projects 2020

ACAM works on the following topics this year:

  • Benchmarking of Binder Jetting for Metals
  • Benchmarking of post-processing methods including automated post-processing (metals and plastics)
  • Automated powder removal from parts manufactured by LPBF
  • Increasing Productivity by LPBF with flexible beam diameter
  • Case study on tool steels with LPBF and EBM
  • Investigation on the feasibility of LMD based Additive Manufacturing of tool steels
  • High entropy alloys for high temperature applications, shape memory alloys and metallic glasses processed by LPBF
  • Trust in AM Machines: Development of a methodology for LPBF and DED machine certification

ACAM Consortial Projects 2021

ACAM will work on the following topics next year:

  • Benchmark of Business Model Development for AM – Time-To-Market, Individualization, Agile Production
  • Practical comparison of Binder Jetting Technologies
  • Development of functionally adapted high-performance heat exchangers using Laser Powder Bed Fusion
  • Development of an ultra-hard (> 800 HV) Fe-based alloy for Additive Manufacturing
  • Functionalized coating and repair of tools using LMD/EHLA with direct finishing
  • Processing high carbon steels by LPBF with advanced process strategies
  • Technology benchmark for AM of copper materials
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