ACAM Joint R&D

The ACAM members have the benefit of participating in joint R&D projects, which allows them to utilize the AM resources available at the RWTH Aachen Campus directly and efficiently for their own purpose.

  • The ACAM industrial members jointly define the research topics on an annual basis.
  • Leveraging the unique resources on the RWTH Aachen Campus, the defined projects are then conducted by our R&D partners.
  • The project findings are made available for the respective consortial partners.
  • All ACAM industrial members receive a comprehensive report for each project.

ACAM Consortial Projects 2020

ACAM works on the following topics this year:

  • Benchmarking of Binder Jetting for Metals
  • Benchmarking of post-processing methods including automated post-processing (metals and plastics)
  • Automated powder removal from parts manufactured by LPBF
  • Increasing Productivity by LPBF with flexible beam diameter
  • Case study on tool steels with LPBF and EBM
  • Investigation on the feasibility of LMD based Additive Manufacturing of tool steels
  • High entropy alloys for high temperature applications, shape memory alloys and metallic glasses processed by LPBF
  • Trust in AM Machines: Development of a methodology for LPBF and DED machine certification


Lea Eilert
Technology & Project Manager

Phone: +49 241 9426 1026