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The vast resources related to the R&D in Additive Manufacturing available at the RWTH Aachen Campus enable us to assign and arrange seminar topics by their complexity. This way, the participant can create a customized seminar based on our modules, on their specific needs and on their particular level of knowledge.

In addition, the participants need even less time to design their own seminars because they have easier and faster access to the available seminar topics. Moreover, the overall concept has been simplified: We offer them a standard structure which enables each participant to arrange the seminar content efficiently and autonomously.

Seminar modules

Create a seminar based on your individual requirements!
By using the ACAM Modules you can create a customized seminar based on your specific needs and on your particular level of knowledge.
The seminar modules can be set to run over one or multiple days.
The basic modules convey the theoretical approaches and describe the fundamental AM applications of a particular topic, thus providing in-depth understanding of the field’s foundations. Consequently, those modules prepare the participants to attend advanced seminars in a next step. The duration of each basic module is 1.5 hours.
The advanced modules address users who wish to better understand the specific topic and to extend their qualification around a particular AM topic. The duration of each advanced module is 3.5 hours.
The experienced modules include use-cases, shop floor tours and exercises related to the selected seminar content. They provide an opportunity to explore the particular aspects of the manufacturing processes, to learn about best practices and to communicate directly with the machine operators. This will enable participants to achieve an even deeper understanding of specific topics. The duration of the experienced modules is 1.5 hours.

ACAM in-house seminar topics

The seminar topics of ACAM are categorized according to their complexity and cover the entire process chain. The aim of this concept is to further expand the number of topics in the future. In 2018, attendees will be able to choose from the following topics:

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Polymer Directed EnergyMetal Powder Bed TechnologiesMetal AM Directed EnergyPolymer Powder Bed TechnologiesDesign for AMSoftware AMWork Safety & HealthMarket, Costs & Business Models

Metal Materials for AMDesign for Directed EnergyPost-Processing for AMPBF Process, Parameters & HardwarePBF SoftwarePart IdentificationPlastic Materials for AMDesign for PBFMetrology and Quality AssuranceDirected Energy Process, Parameters & HardwareFactory Planning

Lab Tour SLMLab Tour LMDUse Case EnergyLab Tour FDMExercise DesignUse Case Tool MakingUse Case AeronauticUse Case AutomotiveUse Case PropulsionLab Tour PolyjetUse Case MedicalExercise Software

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