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The ACAM Community aims to establish a platform for subject-specific exchange between parties associated with Additive Manufacturing by connecting research and industry. Its location at the RWTH Aachen Campus facilitates the bundling of resources, competencies, and capabilities of fourteen research partners covering different aspects along the value chain of Additive Manufacturing.

Join the ACAM Community!

Joining ACAM is the best way to stay connected with the most recent developments in Additive Manufacturing.
As a joint initiative, ACAM fosters the exchange of know-how of peers of research and industry in order to provide customized concepts, which enables the integration of Additive Manufacturing into the production environment.
We provide three types of memberships to choose from, with different levels of benefits:


  • Our business members possess an annual voucher budget worth 22.000 €. Despite being able to allocate them to bilateral projects and training, they constitute the ACAM steering committee, defining the roadmap and pre-selecting the consortial R&D projects. Furthermore, as a business member you can get cccess to the Knowledge Area AM and receive an additional discount for training and bilateral projects.
Annual voucher budget: 22.000 €


  • As a basic member you have Access to the ACAM community. You will receive the annual report and will be invited to all community events. In addition, you have an annual voucher budget worth 6.000 € to participate in consortial R&D projects.
Annual voucher budget: 6.000 €


  • The cooperation membership is designed to promote a collaborative technology, software and service exchange. The benefits and costs are arranged individually.
Annual voucher budget: none


  • As a community member, you receive access to the Knowledge Area AM, a broad and unique knowledge database. Furthermore, you become an equal partner of the ACAM community, participating in our annual meetings and receiving the annual report, holding executive summaries for all consortial R&D projects.
Annual voucher budget: none



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