September 13, 2017

AM Based Industrial Process Chains


The application of Additive Manufacturing needs the integration in process chains to become a real competitive technology in comparison to established technologies like CNC milling. Additive technologies like Selective Laser Melting (SLM)* or Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) nearly always need pre- or post-processing of a workpiece. This means that AM, in particular in industrial environments and for technical parts, do not stand alone.

Process chain integration of Additive Manufacturing is fundamental. It takes place on three different levels: the general trade-off between all process chain technologies (pre-processing, AM, post-processing), clamping and referencing of workpieces as import parts for mechanical consistency between different technologies as well as digital consistency, e. g. data formats.

The seminar “AM based process chains” summarizes the statusquo of the integration of AM technologies in process chains and shows where the actual challenges for the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing and what is to do in the next years. It also gives an example to generate process chains meeting the requirements.

A seminar for:

Professionals and managers of technology oriented companies,
particularly in the field of research and development, plant management,
technology management and corporate development.


Dr.-Ing. Kristian Arntz, ACAM, Fraunhofer IPT
Semir Maslo, Fraunhofer IPT
Eike Permin, Fraunhofer IPT
Matthias Vaterrodt, Fraunhofer IPT
Moritz Wollbrink, Fraunhofer IPT


To inquire after this seminar to be held in English please contact us.

09.00 Welcome and Short Introduction to the ACAM

09.30 Additive Manufacturing – Drivers and Challenges
Expectations on AM and its Impacts
The Way to an Industrial Manufacturing Technology

10.30 Break

10.45 The Three Dimensions of an Additive Process Chain
Balancing of Technology Performance
Data Consistency
Clamping and Referencing of Workpieces

11.15 Basics of Clamping and Referencing – also in Context of AM
Difference Between Clamping and Referencing
Clamping and Referencing Concepts

12.15 Lunch Break

13.15 Facility Tour
Laboratories of Fraunhofer ILT and Fraunhofer IPT

14.15 Process Chain Design
Process Chain Based on Time, Costs and Technology

14.45 Break

15.00 Machine and Process Chain Selection (Workshop)
Definition of Workpieces

16.45 Summary and Final Discussion

17.00 End of Event

Fraunhofer ILT
Steinbachstraße 15
52074 Aachen
Room 4301