November 29, 2017

Design for SLM

Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers many advantages in the design of high complex parts with integrated functionalities. Nevertheless, the use of Additive Manufacturing for the manufacturing of metal components is only useful, if its full potential is unleashed. Therefore, a new way of design of parts is necessary, as the production of conventional designed parts could not be economical with AM in comparison to subtractive manufacturing methods.

In this seminar, the participants will learn how to use and integrate new design elements to improve the performance of their AM-parts. Therefore, the SLM-process with it advantages and potentials will be discussed, but also the metals, which are available for the process. In the field of new design possibilities, the participants will learn how to use lattice structures, topology optimization and function integration as well as the possibility of surface structuring and data control and reduction.


Alexander Schwarz, IWF GmbH


To inquire after this seminar to be held in English please contact us.

9.00 –  Welcome and Presentation of ACAM
Dr. Johannes Witzel / Dr. Kristian Arntz

9.15 – Potential and Possibilities of SLM

10.15 – Break

10.30 – Process properties of SLM and economical aspects

11.30 – Basics of additive Design

12.30 – Lunchbreak

13.30 – New Manufacturing possibilities:
– Lattice structures
– topology optimization
– integration of functions

14.30 – Practical part: Redesign of an example part incl. discussion

15.30 – Break

15.45 – Trends and perspectives

16.15 – Final discussion

17.00 – End of Event

Fraunhofer IPT
Steinbachstraße 17
52074 Aachen
Hörsaal Klein