ACAM Professional Education Program



The ACAM offers together with its research partners innovative learning formats and qualification concepts in order to provide the participants technical and scientific based content in the field of Additive Manufacturing.
We qualify professionals, executives and employees at all levels. In the seminars you will get to know about the special features of the technologies, learn about processes, their potentials and limits, and evaluate alternatives for an ideal use of Additive Manufacturing – for the future of your company and for your future.

Range of seminars

ACAM In-house

The ACAM in-house is based on a modular assembly principle, which enables you to arrange the seminar content efficiently and autonomously based on specific needs of your company and on particular level of knowledge of your employees.


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Modular courses

Courses in Aachen:

Certificate course

Learn what challenges you might face during the integration and implementation of Additive Manufacturing in industrial processes and how they can be overcome.
In addition to the lectures, the course includes application examples, shop-floor tours and exercises.


May 20-24, 2019

Additive Implementer

Further courses

Are you looking for a further education program with an one-day duration? Come to Aachen and join our one-day seminars. You will also have the opportunity to network with the participants.
Basic seminars