Certificate Course Additive Implementer

Certificate Course Additive Implementer

What challenges arise in the integration and implementation of additive manufacturing in manufacturing environments and what are the differences compared to conventional manufacturing technologies?
The “Additive Implementer” certificate course provides answers to these questions. The course gives an insight into commercially available software programs and hardware tools, as well as established materials, standards and methods for quality assurance in additive manufacturing.
The “Additive Implementer” certificate course consists of 5 days including social events and covers various AM-relevant topics that offer a holistic introduction to additive manufacturing.

The courses are held in German. Are you interested in the content in English? You can create the same course by using our modules for the ACAM in-house seminars or you can get in touch with us.

Target group

Interested parties who want to get an overview of the various additive manufacturing technologies and the necessary know-how for their own implementations.


The course will be completed with an examination for “Additive Implementer” and the award of the RWTH Aachen Campus Certificate.

Dates and Topics

June 18, 2018 - Day One - Motivation and overview of Additive Manufacturing (Overview about technologies, materials and hardware)


  • Comparative overview about existing Additive Manufacturing technologies, commerically useable equipment and established materials for additive manufacturing
  • Potential advantages, limits of additive manufacturing
  • Application examples from real production environment

June 19, 2018 - Day Two - Design for Additive Manufacturing (Design training including intensive practice session and production using FDM printer)


  • Overview of the design possibilities and approaches of additive manufacturing
  • Design paradigms and advanced design concepts, such as bionic structures, asymmetric modeling and topology optimization concerning
    resource consumption and production efficiency
  • Exercises to design and test print of selected components

September 17, 2018 - Day Three - Applications in Additive Manufacturing


  • Overview of representative use cases for the use of additive manufacturing
  • Discussion about use cases from the areas of repair, prototype production, provision of spare parts, integrated electronics and hybrid materials

September 18, 2018 - Day Four - Integration of Additive Manufacturing
into Process Chains (measurement, postprocessing and implementation)


  • Potential methods for integrating additive manufacturing into existing process chains
  • Challenges in context with the integration of additive manufacturing in existing process chains
  • System for the implementation of meaningful and robust process chains
  • Introduction to mechanical properties of additively manufactured components
  • Concepts and methods of post-processing and post-treatment

September 19, 2018 - Day Five - Business Models and Market, Safety & Health


  • Market overview with regard to costs, commercially available equipment and forecast sales development within additive production
  • Evaluated use cases relating to various branches of industry, which shed more light on the technological feasibility and the economic background of certain implementation scenarios
  • Overview of current safety regulations within additive manufacturing