ACAM Seminar Program 2018

New Concept for 2018


In 2017, ACAM restructured its whole seminar program and developed a new approach for 2018: Instead of offering consolidated seminars, it has designed a fixed seminar structure with flexible content. In other words, it decided to employ a customer-driven approach to identify topics of highest interest for attendees at different levels of prior knowledge.

The vast resources related to the R&D of additive manufacturing available at the RWTH Aachen Campus enable us to assign and arrange seminar topics by their complexity. This way, the participant can create a customized seminar based on our modules, on their specific needs and on their particular level of knowledge. In addition, they need even less time to design their own seminars because they have easier and faster access to the available seminar topics. Moreover, the overall concept has been simplified: We offer them a standard structure which enables each participant to arrange the seminar content efficiently and autonomously.

Seminar Modules

The ACAM offers three kinds of seminar modules from beginner to expert level:

Introduction to topics in Additive Manufacturing

  • Theoretical approaches and the fundamental AM applications of a particular topic
  • Duration: 1.5 h

Key topics on Additive Manufacturing in detail

  • Deeper level understanding of the technique and to extend their qualification
  • Duration: 3.0 h

Industry affinity – Observe the manufacturing processes

  • Use-cases, shop floor tours and exercises related to the selected seminar content
  • Duration: 1.5 h
The seminar modules can be set to run over one or multiple days and held in Aachen or as an In-house seminar. Lastly, the agenda will be composed based on the participants’ requirements, as demonstrated in the example below:

ACAM Seminar Topics

The ACAM seminar topics are categorized by their level of complexity and encompass the whole process chain. The goal of this conceptual design is to expand the number of topics even further in the future. In 2018, attendees will be able to choose from the following topics: